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Fanana Banana

Claiming a space in the arts...

Fanana (the arabic term for Female Artist) Banana is a Muslim women-owned establishment founded by two Palestinian American's, Amal Azzam (right) and Nayfa Naji (left). As artists themselves, Amal and Nayfa experienced a lack of relatability and acceptance in the arts, which led them to cultivate their own space in 2019 to support artists like themselves.

Fanana Banana understands the importance of representation and inclusivity for artists of color within the arts. It's primary goal is to cultivate an environment that celebrates and uplifts MENA artists, providing them with opportunities to showcase their talents and express their unique perspectives. By amplifying their voices, they aim to promote cultural understanding and bridge communities.

Since 2019, Fanana Banana has evolved from hosting art shows to featuring Ramadan Night markets, speaking at local Universities, creating multi creative events and connecting MENA Artists to paid opportunities. 

Checkout Fanana's IG feed below!

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