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Amal is a daughter of Palestinian refugees, a Muslim woman and first generation American living in the Midwest. Her work reflects the layers of trauma, freedom and misconceptions she carries within her identity. She invites the viewer with the use of playful colors, a predominant use of pink and abstracted shapes. Amal also experiments with wearables, found objects and performance photography to express her ideas on the inner struggles of her identity.

Amal possesses over five years of experience within the nonprofit sector. With a strong background in Graphic Design, she has held positions in diverse nonprofit organizations, including those focused on political nonpartisan work, arts advocacy, and refugee resettlement efforts. Additionally, Amal co-founded Fanana Banana, an influential arts movement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The initiative is committed to establishing inclusive art

spaces specifically tailored for Muslim, Middle Eastern and North African (MENA), marginalized and underserved artists.

Image Credit: Aya Mustafa, 2021

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